Friday, March 2, 2007

Hey A-Rod, ever hear of Wally Pipp?

Today's game - Yankees vs Devil Rays at St. Petersburg.

Al Lang field in St. Pete is a great place for ballhawking if there's a north wind blowing. It's wide open beyond the left field wall, a little fenced in area in left-center and most of right, then open again down the right field line. And it's right on the bay next to a marina, so it's very picturesque and calming.

As for the game, after Alex Rodriguez makes an early exit like so many of the stars do for these early spring training games, some guy named Chris Basak takes his place and promptly blasts a 3-run homer to win the game for the Yankees. Hmm... could this be Cashman's backup plan in case A-Rod opts out? Anyway, I manage to run down the ball before a couple fans leaving early get too close to it.

Sight of the Day:
As always, anytime the Yankees go anywhere down here, quite the entourage accompanies them. Most teams have a bus or two and maybe one car for the coaches, but for today's game, I saw two buses, four SUVs, and an assortment of sports cars.

Daily Ballhawk Totals: Batting Practice-3, Home Run-1, Foul-0
Spring Training Totals: BP-3, HR-1, Foul-0

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