Sunday, March 4, 2007

Shine on, you crazy grandpa!

Today's game - Blue Jays vs Devil Rays at St. Petersburg.

Was definitely looking forward to the newest Blue Jay, Frank Thomas, taking a little BP today, but unfortunately the Big Hurt was still recovering from a few little hurts so he was a no-show. Seems like most of the bats for both teams were no-shows as well with very few balls hit out during BP. I got a couple of long foul balls that left the yard during the game which thanks to the concrete barricades put up in advance of the Honda Grand Prix IRL race, didn't bounce into the bay.

As I was coming back from the second one, a young couple and their small boy were leaving the game, so I flipped the ball to the kid. Well he's happy as can be and Mom spends five minutes thanking me. So just as they're leaving, I hear a "thwack!", followed by a crowd roar and then a ball hits the ground about ten feet away. Had I been a bit more attentive, I would have caught it on the fly, but was able to get it after a few bounces. So my second home run comes compliments of Mr. Curtis Thigpen of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Sight of the Day:
It's early in the morning and I'm walking past one of the parking lot attendants. Not busy yet, so he's taking it easy, just sitting in his chair, listening to some music on a little boom box. Now this guy looks like he's 70-75 years old, so you'd think he's listening to Sinatra, Mancini, maybe Perry Como, right? Wrong! Try Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon. Shine on, you crazy grandpa!

Daily Ballhawk Totals: BP-2, HR-1, Foul-2
Spring Training Totals: BP-16, HR-2, Foul-2

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