Tuesday, March 6, 2007

I spy a Cat in the Hat

Today's game - Reds vs Devil Rays at St. Petersburg.

Batting practice was almost non-existent. Only a few made it out - I was lucky to come away with one. Bit of celebrity spotting after the game though as I was able to get Keith Olbermann's autograph and talk with him a bit. Keith was an ESPN SportsCenter anchor a few years ago, teaming with Dan Patrick for some pretty entertaining shows. Now he's got a news/political show on MSNBC called Countdown with Keith Olbermann. So after getting his autograph, I ask him about the whole Scooter Libby trial thing - basically, why was this trial only about Scooter lying when (in my opinion) the much more serious crime (blowing Valerie Plame's cover as a CIA spy) was being unpunished. Lack of enough hard evidence to make it a slam-dunk case appears to be the reason.

Then came the fireworks - I asked Keith why would Robert Novak even write about this in the first place? What good can come of exposing one of our own and essentially ending her career if not putting her life in danger? What's newsworthy about that? His response was along the lines of... "because he's a mean old bitter despicable man." Ok, Keith, now tell me how you really feel. ;-)

Sight of the Day:
Students from a local school were at the field early in the morning for a team community outreach event in honor of this being the 50th anniversary of the Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss. So there's all these kids, probably 8-10 years old, sitting on the grassy berm and they're all wearing the tall red & white Cat in the Hat hats. A couple of Devil Ray players are standing there in uniform, talking about how education is important and reading to the kids from the Cat in the Hat book. And sure enough, the players are also wearing the tall red & white Cat in the Hat hats. The kids (and I) loved it.

Daily Ballhawk Totals: BP-1, HR-0, Foul-0
Spring Training Totals: BP-23, HR-3, Foul-2

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Keep the updates coming from Kenmore and Waveland for those of us stuck on S. 2nd and Kingston.
Cya on next homestand